Joy of cooking

Besides the standard assortement our range includes a variety of products combining functionality and design. Special focus is on pots and pans which we supply in many different specifications according to our customers preference.
We offer lines in stainless steel or aluminium cast in different qualities and serve all price ranges. Various utensils for cooking, baking and working in the kitchen complete our range.

Find below a preview of our collection.


  • Kitchen_08_Pots
  • Kitchen_07_Pans
  • Kitchen_04_Coloured


  • Kitchen_12_Baking
  • Kitchen_11_Baking
  • Kitchen_10_Baking


  • Kitchen_03_Knives
  • Kitchen_14_Cutlery
  • Kitchen_13_Cutlery

Vacuum flasks

  • Kitchen_01_Kannen
  • Kitchen_16_Flasks
  • Kitchen_15_Flasks


  • Kitchen_09_Gläser
  • Kitchen_06_Lime
  • Kitchen_05_Wooden
  • Kitchen_02_Spices
  • Kitchen_17_Utensils